To The Bucks

Ahh, the Milwaukee Bucks. Outside of Milwaukee, they’re often Wisconsin’s forgotten team. While the Packers have basically enjoyed 2 and a half straight decades of success, the Badgers can generally be counted on every year for a solid season in both football and basketball, and the Brewers are about the only game in town when it comes to baseball, the Bucks have been an afterthought in Wisconsin sports for the last few years.

Anyone who’s been paying attention for the last few seasons know that this is ridiculous. The core of Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton (among others) are not going anywhere, and Greg Monroe’s choosing of Milwaukee may have broken the city’s and team’s bad luck with free agents. The fact is this an exciting and (still) young squad, and any basketball fan in Wisconsin should realize what a privilege it is to get to watch this team.

The mission of Bucks Wire is to spread this message to the masses. Can’t get enough of the Bucks? Bucks Wire will keep you posted on all the on-court and off-court happenings. Know someone who doesn’t care about the Bucks yet? Send them to Bucks Wire and watch them fall in love with this team. Whether you have an NBA League Pass subscription or prefer listening along with Ted Davis on the radio, add Bucks Wire to your rotation. You won’t regret it.